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Global Trade International is a full-service import-export company, evolving steadily to become the world’s leading independent trading house. In a very short span, the company has earned the reputation of trusted global traders, ensuring reliable and quality services through the client-centric approach and industry-winning strategies. Being expert traders at heart, we strive to be the best in class offering domestic and international exports, commercial imports to the USA, product sourcing and designing, logistics, global consulting and product manufacturing. We market and distribute to a broad customer base that includes medical (disposable & non-disposable) goods, clothing, restaurant equipment, technology products and automotive.

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Ceo - Founder
Vision & Mission

Our passion leads to redefining the idea of trading, making it more efficient, cost-effective, tech-driven and convenient. We aim to foster international trade and benefit our clients with maximum profits by integrating innovative solutions and advanced tools for safer, easier and controlled processing.
On our journey to become the global leaders of the trade industry, we are consistently guided by the core principles of cultivating strategic partnership, delivering innovation, costing competitively low and maintaining the quality standards.

Our Values

We take pride in garnering the trust of customers through our value-driven services. Our proactive leadership stands on three vital strategic pillars: we place the safety and well-being of our employees before profits; we maintain the perfect balance between lucrative business and value-added industry; we leverage the topnotch practices and knowledge across the services to outperform our competitors.

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